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Fee Schedule

Every Super-Diversified Portfolio is customized for each client but will generally consist of an allocation to the Flex Strategy, our proprietary hedging strategy, combined with a diversified group of index funds.

We offer two fee options for Super-Diversified Portfolios as described below.

To utilize this fee option an investor must be legally qualified per SEC regulations.

To qualify an investor must meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Have a net worth of $2.1 million or more OR
  • Place $1.0 million or more under management with Patton (excluding ERISA and Corporate accounts)

Investors who meet one or both of the above criteria have the following fee schedule as an option:

  Annual Management Fee Performance Fee
Flex Strategy 0.00% 1/2 the gain above 12% annually
Index Fund 0.25% None

The Flex Strategy fee is entirely performance based. During a full year when it gains more than 12%, the difference above 12% is split 50/50 with the investor and Patton. If during a full year the Flex gains anything less than 12%, the investor pays Patton no fee for that year.

Example Feel Calculations :

Example #1 Example #2

Pros and Cons

  • Sizable fees are only paid in years when the Flex Strategy has produced a significant return
  • Results in an extremely low total fee in years when the Flex Strategy has a return less 12%
  • Only available to investors who legally qualify

1.50% annual management fee on the entire portfolio with no performance fee.

Pros and Cons

  • Allows investors with less than a $2.1 million net worth to have a portfolio unlike they can generally get elsewhere
  • During years when the Flex Strategy produces a significant return, total fees are lower than they would be with Option #1
  • During years when the Flex Strategy produces a return less than 12%, the same 1.5% management fee is still charged
- These two fee options are only available to clients with a Super-Diversified Portfolio entirely in separately managed accounts
- Fee can be negotiated.
- Some clients’ fee are different than described above if they have been negotiated, are not invested as generally described here, or have a legacy fee schedule.
- See our Form ADV Part 2, Investment Advisory Agreement, and/or Patton Flex Fund, L.P. Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for full fee details.
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