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Patton's Mission: to dramatically improve the financial lives of every investor we encounter.

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Patton Funds is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Our proprietary Super-Diversification total portfolio strategy is designed better than most others with the proof being its industry-leading performance. We would love to demonstrate the value we can deliver to you.

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Let us demonstrate how we can dramatically improve your investment results

Disciplined diversification unlike nearly all others can position you for long-term success

  • Our Portfolios

    Patton’s proprietary Super-Diversified client portfolios are simply designed better than most and…

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    Patton serves a wide range of clients throughout the nation. Our individual clients have a wide variety of investment objectives and goals and our corporate clients span many industries.

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    Patton Funds is a company dedicated to delivering superior investment performance and excellent service to all its clients.

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Committed to What Works

Diversification is more than just investing in multiple things…it’s about investing in multiple things that DO NOT move up and down together.

Many investors and other advisors miss the second half of this definition. They own multiple things and to the naked eye, the portfolio looks diversified. Unfortunately, many of those multiple things tend to perform very similar to one another and do NOT deliver the full value that diversification has to offer.

Patton’s proprietary Super-Diversified Portfolios are designed to provide the full value that diversification has to offer of higher potential returns with similar or less risk. Read more...

The math is simple…lower costs result in higher returns. The one cost in a portfolio that has proven to add no value are fund expense ratios. The evidence on this is overwhelming.

The challenge, and often confusion, for many investors is that you do NOT get what you pay for when it comes to fund expenses. With many purchases you expected to get more when you pay more but that simply is not the case with the average investment fund.

Patton’s proprietary Super-Diversified Portfolios utilize funds with expenses that are among the lowest in the industry. Read more...

The academic study of human decision making as it pertains to their investments is called behavioral finance. A lay person may know it as simply investor psychology.

An excellent example of psychology at work is the idea that we say we like to buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, most investors do the opposite and chase strong performing investments and buy too high and then get very scared when prices are falling and sell too low…the exact opposite of what we say we want and need to do to be successful! This is a simple, but very real example, of the many topics in this area of study.

Patton’s proprietary Flex Strategy incorporates multiple behavioral disciplines to systematically profit from other investors’ poor behavior Read more...

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