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Patton's Mission: to dramatically improve the financial lives of every investor we encounter.


Delivering industry-leading returns

Patton Super-Diversified Portfolios have delivered returns that are among the very best in the industry *. These strong results since 2010 are further supported by research back to 1972 indicating the potential long-term returns of Super-Diversification. These returns can have a tremendous impact on your accumulation of wealth and retirement income.

* per Portfolio Peer Review Performance Report dated December 31, 2016 produced by SuggestUs Asset Risk Consultants.

Super-Diversification versus Competition ?

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Better portfolios with Super-Diversification

Great long-term performance does not happen by accident…it’s the result of design and discipline. Super-Diversification is our proprietary investment strategy designed to deliver to you the best returns for your desired level of risk. Our strategy is unique in that all client portfolios are diversified BEYOND the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, and cash. The goal of the added diversification of a Super-Diversified Portfolio is to position every investor for the best long-term expected returns with comparable or lower expected risk.

Expert advice for your peace of mind

You will benefit from knowing that an investment expert, who has a legal fiduciary responsibility to you to always do what is in your best interest, is overseeing your investments and the entire investment process. This starts with identifying your investment goals and risk tolerance to preparing some planning, designing and implementing your portfolio, and providing ongoing education and advice.

You will always have an expert who is just a phone call or email away to address your needs.

Additional highlights of our services and portfolios

Our goal is to provide you with a superior portfolio and service. The following are some
additional highlights of our services and portfolios.

  • Committed to excellent service

    Our service goal is simple: make the investment process as easy as possible for you. We have a dedicated customer service team to help with every aspect of the investment process. In addition to responding to your requests, we proactively address many of your needs.

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  • No hidden fees

    We charge an annual management fee based on the assets placed under our management. In certain circumstances, if the client is interested and qualifies, we will instead charge a performance-based fee.

  • Safety and Security of your money

    You can have peace of mind knowing your money is protected. We are registered and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our client accounts are all held at qualified custodians that are among the largest in the industry, highly regulated, and provide insurance of $30 million or more per account. This means that we cannot access your money.

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  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will do everything in our power to make things right. If our efforts to resolve any issue are not enough, we will waive our management fees for the next 90 days.

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frequently asked questions

Q. Does a 401(k) plan have to have an investment advisor?

No. There is not a legal requirement that 401(k) plans have an investment advisory. Regardless, the vast majority of plans do have an investment advisor.

An investment advisor can often provide services that other plan service providers cannot. A 401(k) plan is an investment vehicle for its participants. There are typically 1,000’s of investment options to choose from to make available to participants in the plan. The plan needs an advisor with extensive experience to help select the appropriate 15-25 funds.

Q. What services do you provide to the plan sponsor / employer?

As an advisor to the plan, Patton provides a wide range of services including:

  • Plan design
  • Fund selection
  • Recordkeeper and administrator searches
  • Annual plan reviews
  • Named fiduciary

Other service providers, such as the recordkeeper and administrator, can provide advice to the plan but typically they have NO legal fiduciary responsibility to provide advice that is only in the best interest of the plan participants. Patton, often as the only service provider serving as a fiduciary to the plan, MUST provide only advice that’s in the best interest of its participants otherwise Patton could face legal consequences.

Q. What services do you provide to participants?

Patton’s goal is to help every participant accumulate as much money as possible for their retirement with as little effort and anxiety as possible. To help accomplish this goal, we do the following:

  • Initial Participant Education Meeting
  • Ongoing education via newsletters and videos
  • One-on-One Participant Consultations

In addition to the above services, Patton is glad to assist participants in any way possible to help them meet their retirement goals.

Q. Does Patton serve as a fiduciary to our plan?

Yes. We serve as a fiduciary to the plan requiring us to provide advice that is only in the best interest of the plan’s participants. We state this in writing in our agreement.

Note that most other service providers, such as recordkeepers and administrators, as well as most stock brokers, insurance companies and agents, and mutual fund companies do NOT serve as a fiduciary.

Q. How time consuming is a transition from one recordkeeper to another?

Transition from one recordkeeper to another can be very beneficial to the plan and its participants but it does require some effort on everybody’s behalf.

A transition typically takes about 60 days. Patton manages the entire process so that it is always clear what is need from whom and what needs to happen next. During this time, the point of contact for the plan sponsor (employer) will invest roughly 8 hours in the process. This will include a handful of conference calls, gathering information from the existing recordkeeper, scheduling participant education meetings, and communicating with participants.

Q. What is an open architecture platform and what are its benefits?

Open architecture means that the plan recordkeeper allows nearly any investment fund to be selected and made available in the plan to its participants. This is important so that the best funds can be selected for the benefit of participants.

Some recordkeepers limit the list of funds that can be selected from. Often these are higher cost funds and/or proprietary funds that often do not serve the best interest of participants.

Q. What are the benefits of an independent advisor?

An independent advisor is one who is employed by a firm that is NOT a broker firm, insurance company, mutual fund company, recordkeeper, or similar firm. Employees of these other firms most often are very limited in what they can offer to a plan and its participants (they can only offer their company as the recordkeeper, they are compensated more to have their firms funds available in the plan, etc.).

An independent advisor can instead offer the services of any recordkeeper and recommend any investment funds for the plan with no limitations or alternative motives. This positions the independent advisor to provide the best advice possible to the plan and its participants.

Q. What are the benefits of index funds?

Low costs. Index funds tend to be the lowest cost funds available. There is an index fund available for nearly every asset class (type of investment). Furthermore, extensive research has demonstrated that low costs funds simply produce higher returns that higher cost funds.

It is important to note that not all index funds are created equally. For example, some index funds are higher cost than other index funds that follow the exact same index. There are 1,000’s of index funds today to choose from and careful analysis must be done to select those that are best for a plan.

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