Performance is Proof Too good to be true?

Our Super-Diversified Portfolios have delivered performance that tops a peer group * average since inception in 2010. Super-Diversification is further supported by extensive research spanning decades of market data.

There is a lot to consider when evaluating performance such as the amount of risk in the portfolio, the period of time, the market environment, and more. The performance of our Super-Diversified Portfolios show well in light of all these considerations.

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* Per comparison to the Equity Risk ARC Private Client Index by ARC Group. Click here for details.

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Performance results backed by research

In addition to delivering peer-beating results since 2010, Patton's Super-Diversified Portfolios are backed by research extending to 1972. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

An investment strategy must be designed to weather a wide-range of market environments. Research indicates that results since 2010 are consistent with returns that could have been achieved over decades of time.

Our competitor's performance

Do some research and you'll find that performance results are difficult if not impossible to find for our competitors. Many investment advisors talk a lot about their investment process and philosophies but typically omit performance results and any proof that their investment strategy works well.

Some advisors may show you a sample client portfolio with the names hidden. This begs the question of whether or not this one client had performance that was representative of all their client portfolios. Some advisors may explain that each client is different so there is no one performance to report but our industry has guidelines about how to report such performance. See how our performance is calculated.

Why don't other advisors report their past performance? We believe because it's not worthy of reporting!

Very few advisors advertise performance. From what we've seen this is for very good reason! We believe the benchmarks we use when comparing our performance to the industry are the best available and likely over-estimate how the average adviser is actually performing.

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