Patton Funds is a founder-led investment advisory firm delivering peer-beating results for its clients by employing cutting edge approaches. See full Disclosure for details

We offer a performance-based fee schedule that you only pay us if your portfolio outperforms an index of our competitors.

Performance since January 2010 has exceeded a peer group average and validated by research spanning 45+ years.

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Introducing Mark Patton

Pay Patton ONLY if... ...we outperform our competitors.

Performance-based Fee

We offer a performance-based fee option where you pay us only if we outperform an index of our competitors.

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Our Cutting Edge Approach

We utilize a big data approach to building investment models combined with a virtual and digital business model that delivers superior performance, total transparency, and robust service to our clients.

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Industry-Leading Results

Our Super-Diversification investment strategy has delivered superior performance when compared to competitors' since its inception in 2010. See full Disclosure for details

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Catering to independent minded investors

If you do the same thing as everybody else, you will get the same results! We’ve taken a cutting edge approach, different from most others, to produce better performance with no added risk.

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Patton's Mission: to dramatically improve the financial lives of every investor we encounter.

The Patton Difference

Our difference is by design and its evident in every aspect of our business as well as our results.

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Better Models for Better Outcomes

Our clients benefit from a clearly defined investment strategy and process that eliminates random behavior and ignores the noise of Wall Street.

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